Default Roles and Privileges

In Magpi, you can share forms with users of the mobile app and with users of the website.  In some cases you may want to restrict those users to certain functions.   In the most common example, you might want "Robert" to be able to add data on the mobile device, but not to be able to view and edit data on the website at

Each possible such function is referred to as a "privilege", and by default Magpi presents three collections of privileges, called "roles."  The mobileDataCollector role, for example, only includes one single privilege: add mobile data.  The formAdmin role, on the other hand, gives all available privileges;  if you share a form with someone and give them the formAdmin role they can edit your form, delete data, etc.

The Contacts/Roles Screen

Below is an image of the Contacts/Roles screen which details the exact privileges associated with the default roles :

(NOTE: you can right-click any image and "Open in a New Window" to see it at full size)


Creating Custom Roles (Enterprise users only)

Enterprise users can create new roles and assign privileges to them.  So, for example, an Enterprise user might create a "formEditor" role that allowed the user only to edit the form on the web but not  enter data.

This diagram shows more information about how the default roles might work in practice: