MagSync Local Gateway App

Magsync is Magpi's very own local gateway app that forwards questions from your Magpi form to shared phone number(s) by means of SMS. The biggest advantage of using a local gateway app is that it uploads each question at a time via an internet connection, and then forwards it to shared numbers via SMS. This saves you the cost of Messaging as it only consumes your phone's SMS credits, so none of your account's messaging credits will be consumed.

Gateway     No Gateway
Messaging credits are not charged

Messaging credits are charged for each text.
Messages are received from a local number - Can be used in countries where international numbers are clocked with blocked

Message is received from an international number
It is cheaper to reply to a local number as local rates will be used.

It is expensive to reply to an international number
In cases of poor network signals, failed messages can be reposted from the app by means of mobile data/internet             Reposting to an international number is expensive.

How it works 

Magpi Sync reduces SMS costs by downloading messages from your Magpi account and forwarding them to a number. Here are the steps involved:

  1. A number is assigned on your Magpi SMS settings. This number acts as a gateway and will be used to forward Magpi questions to other numbers.
  2. When Magpi's gateway app (installed on the gateway device) is turned on, the app downloads questions from your Magpi form in form of a message, through a working internet connection.
  3. The message is synced in your gateway device.
  4. The message is then forwarded to the number the form has been shared with as an SMS

Getting Started

Before getting started, ensure that you have these requirements:

  1. Messaging credits on your Magpi account
  2. An android device which should run the gateway app
  3. Active GSM - The sim card in your gateway device must be connected to the network
  4. A working data connection on your gateway device
  5. Active airtime/SMS bundles on your gateway device

To get started, download Magpi SMS gateway app here.  

Note: This app is only available in the Android Platform.

Setting up your Local Gateway

These steps will guide you in setting up Magpi Sync on your gateway device.

  1. First, ensure that you have set up your iSMS gateway in your SMS settings screen on the website. To set up, Navigate to your account settings by Selecting your username, and then go to the 'SMS' View.
  2. Install Magpi Sync on the phone that will be used as the Local gateway.
  3. Log in to the app with the same credentials you configured your SMS settings on the website. On log in, the website's settings are automatically picked up by the app, so no further configuration is required.
  4. When the app is open, select the options menu at the top left of the app and go to Settings. 
  5. In the settings screen, Select your preferred gateway (e.g iSMS Endpoint) and turn on the 'Enable Sync Service' button.
  6. Under other Settings, enter the number in your local gateway as the 'Unique Device ID' . This should match the number your entered in step 1.

  7. Save the setting.

If the settings are correct, you should get a response 'Integration test passed'  from the server each time you select the 'SAVE SETTINGS' button.

The next step after this is to initiate your SMS session by sharing your form with the destination number. The first time you initiate a session, a pop up will appear on your screen asking you to allow SMSsync to send and view mesages. Select 'Allow'

You're all set. On initiating the session, your survey's questions will be sent to the destination number through the gateway number. On replying to the gateway number, the messages are then uploaded to Magpi Server by the app.