As of August 2017, Magpi will be moving to integrate Dropbox as our hosting engine for photos collected using Magpi forms.  With the new Dropbox photo integration, you’ll still be able to see a link to each of your photos in the Magpi data file — just as before – but that link will be to a file in your own Dropbox account, rather than to a file on Magpi's servers.  As a result, you’ll be able to

  • securely view and organize your Magpi photos on the Dropbox website (see image below) OR on your desktop or laptop computer or using the Dropbox Android or iOS apps
  • back up your Magpi photos automatically
  • securely share some or all of your photos with others
  • much more easily download groups of photos (or all of them)

Magpi Dropbox Photo Integration

This process involves:

  1. Setting up a dropbox account. Find instructions here.
  2. Adding your Dropbox settings to your Magpi account.

You'll only need to go through this process once, to create the connection between Magpi and Dropbox.  After doing this, newly uploaded images will automatically be sent to your dropbox account, and a link automatically created for them in your form's database on Magpi. 

Important: previously existing forms with images will not be affected. 

Read more about Magpi and Dropbox on the Magpi Blog

Read more about how to connect your Dropbox account with Magpi

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