We are excited to announce that we are soon introducing Dropbox Integration for image hosting. Magpi has been using it's inhouse servers to host form images, but this is about to change. We are now introducing a feature that should allow you to save your form's images in your personal server.

This process involves:

  • Setting up a dropbox account. Find instructions here.
  • Creating an image folder in your dropbox account where all your form images will be transferred to.
  • Setting up your Dropbox Integration that should link to your Dropbox image folder.

Previously existing forms with images will not be affected. Newly uploaded images however will automatically be sent to your dropbox image server, and a link automatically created for them in your form's database. This means that as soon as this feature is in place, each time a new Image question is created you will be prompted to set up your account's dropbox integration.

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