To collect photos with Magpi requires a paid Magpi subscription, and a Dropbox account (free or paid).  Your Magpi-collected photos will be stored in your Dropbox account.

Before connecting Magpi with Dropbox, please follow these two requirements

  1. If you do not already have a Dropbox account, start by creating one. This will be the account linked to Magpi where all your  account's images will be stored. Find instructions on how to create a Magpi account here.
  2. Have a Magpi Pro /Enterprise account where you will set up your image server. 

Step 1: Getting started 

When designing a form, the first time you select the image question type, a prompt will appear asking you to link your Dropbox account. Click the 'Link to Dropbox' button. This will lead you to the setup section of your Magpi account settings page.

Step 2: Get your Dropbox link

In your account settings page, open the 'API' view, 

Scroll down to the Dropbox Settings area and select the 'Get your dropbox link'. The link will be generated from your Dropbox account.

Step 3: Allow Magpi access to your Dropbox

You will be prompted to allow Magpi access to your Dropbox before getting your Dropbox code. Select Allow.

Step 4: Copy the provided code by Dropbox and paste it in the Dropbox setting under your Magpi account 

  1. Once you have allowed Magpi access to your dropbox, a code will be provided. 
  2. Copy this code and paste it to your Dropbox settings in Magpi.
  3. After the code has been saved, a message will be displayed indicating that your account has been linked.

Once your account has been linked, a new folder will be created in your Dropbox where all your Magpi images will be saved. 

The folder has the path /App/Magpi-Mobile. 

Please note: This folder should not be edited or deleted. If you do edit or delete it, it will disrupt the operation of your Magpi photos, and might affect your data. You can, however, download or link to the photos stored on Dropbox without disturbing your Magpi operations.