Basic J2ME/Symbian Platform mobiles phones

The EpiSurveyor Mobile client Java software is about 500k in size, so if you are using a basic phone it must allow the installation of applications of that size. Beyond that, the answer really depends on how long your forms are. We've had no problem with forms of 50-75 questions using a Nokia 6300 and its internal memory, and with forms of 150 questions or more using a Nokia E71 GPS phone. Longer forms need more built-in phone memory (not external memory card memory, which doesn't help with this particular issue). When using the application, you may find it the form loads slowly, or you may see one of these memory-related errors (you can avoid these errors by creating shorter forms or getting a phone with more memory):

  • OutOfMemory
  • OutOfBound Error
  • NullPointer Exception

Note: ALL iPhones and Android phones have substantial memory and can generally handle much longer forms with slowing.  The information above does apply, however, for Blackberries.