Data Collection

With Magpi, you'll save a LOT of money over either paper-based data collection or other electronic systems.  In a 2011 report, the World Bank documented a 71% decrease in data collection costs compared to paper, with improved quality.  And in 2014 and 2015, the Rockefeller-funded Kopernik organization rated Magpi the best (and most affordable) mobile data collection.

That's because Magpi is so simple to use that you won't need programmers or consultants. You just need to know what data you would like to collect.

Our Totally Free version is better than most custom solutions. Sign up and start using Magpi immediately: you could be collecting mobile data today. No catch, and no time limit: we want you to collect data!

If you need more power or advanced functions, the paid "pro" and "enterprise" versions of Magpi are dramatically less expensive than other commercial programs – in some cases more than 60% less expensive.  And they have features like SMS data entry, unlimited storage online, and access to our API.

With Magpi, there's never any need to spend money on technical personnel, and no servers to set up; you can securely design forms and view data from any connected computer -- even in an internet cafe.  And with our completely transparent pricing you know exactly what it will cost, before you start: no surprises!



Just as with mobile data collection, Magpi lets anyone set up a mobile messaging system with SMS/text messages OR audio messages (which ring the phone of the recipient and play a message) affordably and easily from their desktop.  NO need to meet with local carriers.  NO need for programmers or technology consultants.  NO need for an account with aggregator/gateway companies.

With Magpi messaging, you can be sending time, automated text messages to Cambodia, or audio messages to Botswana, in just minutes at pennies per message!   And just as with our data collection, with Magpi's transparent pricing, you know exactly what it will cost before you start!



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Please note that the fastest and easiest way to pay for a Magpi Pro or Enterprise account, or for additional upload or messaging credits, is to use a credit card: all purchases are activated immediately.   For non-credit card transactions of less than US $1000,  a $50 processing fee will be applied.

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