The amount of data transmitted by the program is typically very small, and so doesn't cost very much. For example:

  • we downloaded a 270 question form (which was 272kb in size) to the phone -- it cost
  • we uploaded one record (a complete form) for the 270 question form to the server -- it cost
  • we uploaded 4 records for a 17 question form to the server -- it cost

The bottom line is that the files transmitted are very, very small. I would suggest that if you are going to be using EpiSurveyor for data collection in a particular country that your team install the software and a form on their phone, configure the phone's internet settings, then

  1. check their mobile minutes
  2. create a form and download to the phone
  3. check their mobile minutes again
  4. enter some records and upload the data
  5. check their mobile minutes again


This will very quickly give you an idea of how very few minutes are usually consumed by sending and receiving data with EpiSurveyor.