Free Users

If you're a Magpi Free user, you don't need to worry about the cost of uploads, as long as you're not exceeding the limits of the free account: no more than  than 500 records (completed forms) to our servers each month (so no more than 6000 per year).

Paying Users

For paying users (with Pro and Enterprise accounts), their uploads work like prepaid mobile. The subscriptions come with a number of included upload credits (500 for Pro monthly, 10000 for Pro annual, and 20000 for Enterprise).  As the paying users upload records, they are reducing their upload credits.  Once their upload credits drop to zero, they will be unable to upload more until they "top up" (recharge) their accounts by buying more credits.

Paying users can buy additional upload credits in volumes of 1000, 5000, and 10000 at the same rate dictated by their account (for Pro that is US $0.25 per upload and for Enterprise that is .20 per upload).  If you buy 20000 upload credits at a time there is a 10% discount:

And don't worry: we'll send an email to the registered contact emails for your paid account when the number of upload credits remaining drops to 2000, to 1000, to 500, and to zero -- so that your work flow is never interrupted.   More information about the general costs of Magpi is available here.