While Magpi is designed to be simple to use, and there are no require extensive training, many organizations are more comfortable with a structured training program.  Magpi provides training which is ideal either for training users or for "training of trainers."  

The cost for five days of training with one trainer (suitable for a class of no more than 20 students) is $10,000 or $12,500 with two trainers for a larger group, as well as travel and expenses (per standard rates).

We strongly recommend allocating five days of training for a group and their supervisors who are planning to collect field data.  A typical training schedule would be:

Day 1 - training supervisors and data managers in Magpi basics of form design and data collection

Day 2 - training in basics of data collection (with previously trained supervisors assisting) and the specific aspects of the form

Day 3 - practice making forms and answering questions in classroom

Day 4 - field practice survey

Day 5 - review of concepts, as well as problems and questions arising in field practice


Shorter training periods of 3 days or more are available, however, for groups that desire it and which are NOT located in the vicinity of Nairobi or Washington, DC (that is, which would require our trainer to travel).  Groups wishing training within the vicinity of Nairobi or Washington, DC may opt for 1 or more days of training.