It is possible to display certain multiple choices options on the phone app, but when those options are chosen you can display them differently in the dataset. Consider a multiple choice question of "What is your favorite fruit?"  Normally, the responses would be viewed on the phone as (for example):

Don't know

and this would also be how the responses would appear in the dataset.

As an alternative, you can use the coding feature of Magpi to have the user see "apple" on the phone screen, but have "1" (or any other code) appear in the dataset.  This is commonly used. for example, to show a code of 9 or 99 in the dataset instead of "don't know".

You can enter codes (and the corresponding response option labels) when entering multiple choice response response options on the form's Design tab.  Below is an example using some cities of Pakistan as the response options.

If you do this

  1. The questions will appear on the phone with responses of Karachi, Mumbai, etc. 
  2. The data within will display K, M, etc 
  3. The exported data file will display K, M, etc.