Magpi pricing determines the number of data "uploads" you can send into the Magpi servers (see our pricing page for more details).

Generally an "upload" is when you transfer the data from one completed form to our servers.   Other words or phrases used to describe the same thing include "record", "data record", and "a completed form's data". All of these expressions typically mean the data from one household, or from one respondent to a survey, or one completed form.  

Note that the data from one completed form counts as a single upload, no matter how many questions in the form (free users are limited to 100 questions; paid users are limited only by their phone's memory).

Free Users

The annual upload limit of 6,000 for free users is separate from the storage limit of 500 records total stored on our servers for each free users: the first is a measure of "throughput", while the second is a limit on storage at any one time.