Although the Magpi free account is a great system, of course we will not pay for your phones, or your airtime, or the data plan required for you to upload data to our web system. We also won't buy you a computer (although you can always access Magpi from an internet cafe!).

Features that are not part of the free version include:

  • a Pro or Enterprise account at - Pro and Enterprise accounts remove the 500 record-per-form limit, the 20 form limit per userid, the 6,000 uploads per year limit, and the 100 question limit per form. An Enterprise account is needed to use our API, which allows larger organizations to automate access to their Magpi data from another piece of software. If you're planning to use the API, or to collect thousands and thousands of records from many, many users, then at least one of those users needs to have a Enterprise account. The Pro and Enterprise accounts also allows for priority 24-hour email tech support.
  • SMS data collection – Magpi offers Pro and Enterprise accounts two methods of SMS data collection using any phone.
  • Photo/image feature - Pro and Enterprise users have the ability to take and attach photos/images to their forms (currently Android only). 
  • Subforms - Pro and enterprise users now have the ability to have a form within a form (currently Android only). Read more about subforms here
  • Custom reports - please contact us if you would like any custom reports created. These custom reports will work with the data you collect in your forms, letting you run them at the press of a button on whatever data you've collected. Custom reports require a Pro or Enterprise account.  The cost of customized reports depends on the complexity and length of the report. Please contact for more info.
  • Phone/Skype/ground support or training - Our email support is free for all users, but if your work with Magpi requires phone/skype/ground support, training, or other extra work on our part, we'll have to charge you for it (but don't worry: we'll put the money right back into improvements for Magpi that will benefit you and everyone else). 

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