What are the benefits of Magpi?  Cost, Speed, Reliability, and Security.


With Magpi (formerly EpiSurveyor), you'll save a LOT of money over either paper-based data collection or other electronic systems.  In a 2011 report, the World Bank documented a 71% decrease in data collection costs compared to paper, with improved quality.

That's because Magpi is so simple to use that you won't need programmers or consultants. You just need to know what data you would like to collect.

The paid Magpi Pro and Enterprise subscriptions are dramatically less expensive than other commercial programs – in some cases more than 60% less expensive.  And Magpi is also almost always cheaper than "free" software products, because those products usually require skilled (and expensive) technical personnel to set up and maintain the system, software, and servers.  

With Magpi, there's no need to spend money on technical personnel, and no servers to set up; you can securely design forms and view data from any connected computer -- even in an internet cafe.


Another benefit is speed: real-time data helps you to understand better what is happening.  Whether you are tracking supplies, or measuring attitudes in the population, or monitoring disease, or any other kind of data – getting your critical data in real-time – instead of months or years after the data collection activity – will make your organization more effective.  And with Magpi you can be up and running today.


Magpi has been around for more than 17 years, and has been online for more than 12 years -- uninterrupted.  Have a problem? Our tech support staff are quick to respond at support@magpi.com.  At Magpi, we take our perfect reliability record very seriously, and we are always standing by to help.  Ask our users and they'll tell you that our product is fantastic, and our customer service is terrific.

Bottom line: no other organization has been running a mobile data system for so long, for so many users, in so many countries.


Magpi uses industry-standard 256 bit encryption and security protocols: your data is secure on the phone, during transmission, and on the servers.  We use servers from Amazon Web Services (AWS), with frequent automatic backup to multiple locations.  In addition, we are the only mobile data system in the development sector to use industry-leading EV-SSL (extended validation SSL), as indicated by the "green bar" in your web browser address bar:


This the same approach used by your online bank and many online merchants.

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