Android Device requirements

Magpi requires a mobile device that is running a recent version of the operating system, with a minimum of 2GB of RAM memory.  WE DO NOT SUPPORT ANY DEVICES THAT DO NOT MEET THESE SPECIFICATIONS. As with any computer program, Magpi will run faster if the device running it has more RAM memory, and as with any computer system, longer and more complex forms will require more RAM memory. Android users must be running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later.

Your device should 

  1. have at least 2GB of RAM memory
  2. be able to install Google Play updates
  3. have Google Play services up to date
  4. have GPS and location services enabled
  5. have a working internet connection (during setup; this is not required during data collection)

Downloading on Android

We recommend that you install Magpi on your Android device from the Google Play app store.  If you do so, any improvements and bug fixes to Magpi will automatically sent to your device.