This article applies only to those who are:

1 - moving from EpiSurveyor to Magpi, and

2 - using the API, and

3 - using multiple choice option codes (e.g. representing a "Yes" response with a "y" or a "1" in the data file)


When it is initially launched, Magpi will be using the same REST-based API as EpiSurveyor (later we will be adding an additional JSON-based API).  

While there are no changes to this "legacy" API, there is a change to the way Magpi uses option codes for multiple choice responses: in Magpi it is always the option code that is stored in the database.  

Here is a detailed description of the change:

Multiple Choice Option Labels vs Option Codes in Magpi vs EpiSurveyor


If you are using the EpiSurveyor API, then the data will be pulled using the option values (e.g. "Yes" in the diagram below) because the option values are what is stored in the EpiSurveyor form database.



In Magpi, the values pulled by the API will now be codes (e.g. 1 in the diagram above), rather than values, because it is the codes that are always stored in the form database.

If you are not using option codes for your multiple choice questions, this will not affect you at all, because the option codes and the option values will be the same: you'll be pulling codes that are identical to the values.

If you are using option codes in your multiple choice questions, you will notice that the data obtained with the API will now use those codes.