Known issues while creating your forms online

Creating many questions at once

It is advised to save one question at at time to prevent form edit losses. If your internet connection is interrupted after creating many questions at once, your changes might fail to save and therefore causing you the trouble to redo your work.

Creating Subform Questions with Same Data Field Name as a Question on Main Form

When creating a subform, make sure that none of the questions' data field names are identical to any data field name on the parent form, as this can cause a conflict while entering data (you can just add a number or numbers to ensure uniqueness).

Moving a Question / Dragging Questions with logic 

If a question has a skip pattern pointing to a question that comes after, but you drag it so that the skip points to a question before it, that is called a "backward skip" and is prohibited.  You will get a pop-up while dragging/moving a question asking you to either clear logic or cancel the action. If you clear logic the drag/move will be allowed. Cancelling this action will leave the question as it is, with logic intact.

Deleting Questions that point to a Question Logic

Any logic that references another question can only reference questions that exist on the form.  If logic was pointing to a question and you delete that question, the logic will be hanging/incomplete (since the question it points to no longer exists). You will need to redo the logic so that each logical statement points to a still-existing question. 

Changing Option Codes After Adding Logic

If you have response option codes for a multi question, with logic based on those codes, changing the option codes will invalidate the logic.  If you need to change the option codes, you MUST clear the logic and add it again (we are working to provide a better solution for this).

Drag and Dropping

In some cases, the drag-and-drop of questions does not function (we are investigating this problem).  In case you cannot drag your question, you can always use the cut and paste option. They both perform the same function.

Logic boxes not loading

You may find that at  times it takes a while to load the logic boxes or sometimes the next logic box doesn't  load at all, depending on the network speed and quality.  When you experience this, give it some time and refresh your page so you can revisit the logic and complete it (we are working to add a simpler logic function that will involve fewer menus and therefore will load faster).

Maximum Logic path

You can only have up to six levels while creating your logic. Adding an extra logic will highlight the the logic boxes and may cause errors while trying to save logic, so you need to maintain a maximum of six conditions in any question logic.