Magpi uses a FREE, dedicated support website, and if you are reading this you are looking at that site.  There are sections on the site for Forums, as well as for tracking your support requests.


How to Request Support for Magpi

To submit a request for support, there are three methods:

1 - Use the black Magpi Support tab

If you click on the black Magpi Support tab on the left side of the screen in Magpi, this will bring up an on-screen form to enter your support request information (click the image to view a larger version):


notice that if you type keywords into the subject line or the box in the upper right, it will show you matching support topics that may answer your question (click the image to view a larger version):


2 - send an email to


3 - go to and click the Submit a Request tab at the top of the screen


All three of these methods do exactly the same thing:  they assign a unique ticket number, and allow you to provide a brief description of the problem or question (e.g. "How do I export data?"), and a more detailed description, for example:

"I am collecting data on maternal health in Kenya and I have now finished the first round of data collection. When I view the dataset on, however, I cannot figure out how to export my data as a text file.  I am accessing using the Firefox browser on my Windows laptop."

Every time you create a new ticket, Magpi's support team is notified and someone will promptly respond.


How Do I View my Support Tickets?

To view the tickets that you have submitted, just go to and log in.  IMPORTANT: the username and password you use at is completely independent of your username and password.

Once you log in, you will see a list of all the support tickets that you have ever created. You can view them, and you can add to them. If you are a member of an organization, you can also see the support tickets from other people in your organization.


How Do I Add More Information to my Support Tickets?

If you want to add more information to your support ticket, the easiest way is to log in at

You can also reply to the support email that you received from Magpi Support.  If you have more than one support issue, you must reply to the support email that you received about the correct support issue.  Each support ticket has it's own ID, and replying to a support email will route your response to the ticket.

If you just send another email to (instead of replying to an email you received about your support ticket), that will create a brand new support ticket -- about the same problem or question you already reported! That can get confusing.

If you are not sure which support tickets you have, the best thing is to log in at