This article demonstrate how you can hide certain sections of your form depending on previously responses.

Example: You want to collect immunisation information for children under 5 years old.  The form below can allow you to collect information for up to 3 children under 5.

Let’s assume that you are interviewing a household with only one child under 5 years old. 

After information concerning the first child, you want to hide questions concerning the second and third child. 

To do so, 

  • Go the last question concerning the first child
  • Open the logic window, and in the Skip logic section
  •  Inset this logic IF Q1. Number of children, has option selected 2, the skip to the end.

(Thus, if number of children =1, hide information concerning 2nd child.. e.t.c and skip to next section)

The same would be applied to Question 7. Such that if the number of children selected was 2, then, to hide the section with information concerning the third child and jump to the next section.