Want to type questions in Arabic? Or have response options in Burmese?  Magpi allows you to use any language or alphabet.  Read below to find out how to enable multiple language use on your computer, for use with Magpi.


Example: How to Install Burmese Language

Attached below, is the Burmese / Myanmar language, that you can install in your computer. When the language gets installed, you can switch between it and your computer default language, by selecting it from the language tool bar.  To do this, you must make the language tool bar either visible on your browser or at the on your desktop task bar.


To Show the Language Bar on Windows;

To show the Language bar (using Classic view in Control Panel):

  1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Regional and Language Options.
  2. On the Languages tab, under Text services and input languages, click Details.
  3. Under Preferences, click Language Bar.
  4. Select the Show the Language bar on the desktop check box.


  • The Language bar is displayed automatically if you install a text service such as handwriting, speech, or an Input Method Editor (IME). However, if you close the Language bar, you can use this procedure to redisplay it.
  • If you minimized the Language bar to the taskbar, click the Language icon on the taskbar, and then click Show the Language bar.
  • After the Language bar is displayed, you can right-click it to display a shortcut menu. Use this menu to change settings for the Language bar, such as docking it on the taskbar or adding text labels.

Switching between different languages in Windows

To switch between different languages, you need to locate the language bar and create it's shortcut/ place it at an accessible area on your screen for the different keyboard layouts.  

First, enable the keyboard layout for two or more languages. You can find this in the 'Text Services and Input Languages' on windows. In most cases, when you enable a keyboard layout, the Language bar automatically appears in the taskbar or appears on the desktop.

To display the language in Windows

 On the desktop, right-click on the taskbar, then select Toolbars → Language bar


To enable on Windows 7/Vista

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel → Regional and Language Options → Keyboard and Languages tab
  2. Click on the Change keyboards… button and open the Text services and input languages dialog
  3. Navigate to Language Bar tab
  4. Enable the radio button Docked in the taskbar under the Language Bar section
  5. Apply all settings, then try to display the language bar as described in the previous section.


Switching between different languages on Magpi in Windows

While typing the question

1-go to the language bar on your taskbar 

2-switch to the desired language or vice versa

3-Switch to your computer native/ default language when done creating the form



How to enable and use different language Input Sources on Mac

  1. From the Apple () menu, choose System Preferences.
  2. From the View menu, choose Language & Text.
  3. Click the Input Sources tab. You should see a window similar to this:


  • To enable a different language's input source, select the checkbox next to any input source you want to use.
  • To show the Input menu at the right side of the menu bar, select "Show input menu in menu bar". The Input menu contains all the enabled language input sources you selected so you can easily switch between them.
  • Use "Input Source options" to select whether you want to use the same input source in all documents, or if you want to use different input sources in different documents.
  • You can use the shortcuts to switch between your selected input sources. If your portable Mac supports Trackpad Handwriting, the Trackpad Handwriting shortcut is also available. You can turn Trackpad Handwriting on and off using the shortcut


 Switching Between Different Languages in Magpi on Mac

If you set the option to "show input menu in menu bar" in the Language & Text settings window (see image above), you can place the cursor into the fields on the Magpi design screen and then switch to any enabled language using the input menu (which will appear at the top right of your Mac screen, near the menu bar clock).