When collaborating with lots of other users, it can be useful to import a list of contacts in bulk, rather than adding them one-at-a-time.  You can import a list of contacts from a Microsoft Excel xlsx file (it won't work with the older xls files). 


An example Excel file (xlsx) can be downloaded here:


We suggest downloading the sample and copying your contact list into it for import into Magpi.  You can also create your own Excel file, if you like.  The Excel file can have the following columns:


First Name (or First or FirstName)

Last Name (or Last or LastName)



Organization or Organisation (optional)

Sub account (optional)

Groups (optional)


The first four column headings are required (first, last, email, mobile). Capitalization of the column heading does not matter.

The sample file looks like this:



Mobile number column formatted as text – the Mobile column in the sample Excel sheet must be formatted as text rather than as a number.  If you download the sample sheet and use that, this formatting is already taken care of.  If you create your own Excel sheet from scratch, make sure to select the column with the heading "mobile" and choose Format/Cells/Text to format the column as text

Mobile numbers formatting  – mobile numbers should include the country code, but no punctuation.  So, for example, a US phone number in New York City, with the 212 area code, would look like this: 12125551212.  A Kenya mobile number would look like this: 254727866100.

Groups –  “groups” are categories of contacts, and are highly recommended as they will help you sort through them later.  You can assign people to more than one group. You can also share forms with a group in one click, rather than sharing with the individuals in the group one at a time.


Importing the file

Once you have prepared your file, click the 'Import' link on the contact list to import the contact.

This will give you a chance to choose the Excel xls file you have created.

Finishing Registration of New Users

Any imported users that weren't already registered as users in Magpi will automatically be registered and will receive a Magpi email to confirm their registration. 

This means that each of those imported users would have to log in to their emails to finish of their magpi registration before they can begin to use the system