Magpi now has integrated outgoing SMS and audio messaging, in addition to our data collection tools.    This article talks about sending outgoing one-way messages by voice and SMS (for information on collecting data by SMS, click here).

Messaging allows all Magpi users to send outgoing messages, either ad hoc or timed, one-time or repeated.  The capabilities for each level of Magpi user are as follows:

  1. via SMS to mobile phones (free users, Pro users, Enterprise users)
  2. via text-to-speech (Pro users and Enterprise users) where you type a short message and the system will dial the recipient's mobile or landline and read the message in a computer voice (option of 17 different languages)  
  3. via recorded audio (Enterprise users only) where you record an audio message and the system will dial the recipient's mobile or landline and play the recording (this being particular useful to use a famous personality or record in any language). 


All messages use message credits, and all users are given an allotment of message credits to start.  Additional message credits can be purchased in the Account page once logged into Magpi.

To get started:

  1.  watch the video to learn the basics of Magpi Messaging.

  2. have a look at our Mobile Messaging User Guide

  3. go to and register (or login, if you're already registered).


IMPORTANT: Magpi Messaging can send messages to almost every country and carrier, and more carriers are being added all the time,  but you must test with your intended country and carrier to make sure that it functions.



Magpi Messaging Webinar on Vimeo.