When used with GPS-enabled mobile devices, Magpi enables you to quickly and easily collect and display geo-data.

To create maps in Magpi:

1. when creating your forms, click on the Properties tab, and click the GPS Stamp checkbox.  This will mean that each time you fill out a form on your mobile device it will use the GPS functionality to record the latitude and longitude:

2. After collecting data and uploading it to magpi.com, open the form and click on the Map tab to display a map:

It's important to understand that the GPS system does not use the internet at all (it uses independent set of satellites owned and operated by the US military). Generally, mobile devices use a variety of ways to determine position when possible:

  1. GPS satellite triangulation (doesn't require internet)
  2. cell tower triangulation (doesn't require internet but not available in every country)
  3. wifi hotspot triangulation (needs internet and only works in areas where there are many wifi networks)

In most emerging countries, only the first is available, but it's still pretty good. In big city centers, mobile phones use all three systems at once for very high location accuracy.