This support document covers the following two features:

1 - Importing Multiple Choice Question Options

2 - Importing Filtered (Cascading) Multiple Choice Options

1 - Importing Multiple Choice Question Options

Multiple choice question options are imported separately from their questions. The command to import the options is to the right of the multiple choice option tables:

Each option must be unique, and each question has two required parameters in its options. 

  1. Label -  this is the option name
  2. Code - By default, it's the same as the code but in some cases this is represented by a numeric value. 

Just like in form design, option codes must not contain spaces. For example if the option label is 'text something', then the code should have an underscore in place of the space and should look like this 'text_something'

Attached is an excel file 'options' which when followed, should upload options to the variable 'Gender'.

2 - Importing Filtered (Cascading) Multiple Choice Options

This feature is similar to ordinary multiple choice option import, with an additional ‘filter’ column. The filter column significantly identifies the option category, then lists down options that should be pulled from this category.

For example I want to list down a list of cities in Alabama state. On the excel sheet I want to import, I will list down all cities in alabama in the label/code column, then create a filter column that begins with the code 'AL' which is the option code for Alabama state in the previous question. This way, whenever Alabama is selected, only the list of cities in alabama will be shown. And so Each filter should display the same exact code as it appears in reference questions' option code.

While the filter column is shown on the web view, it is completely hidden from site on the mobile app. So the cascade appears just as a radio option, displaying only the question's option labels to select from.

Find below an attached list of cascade options including the filters. Please Note that when creating cascades questions, you must begin by making this a radio multiple question type. We are looking to enable the dropdown and checkbox question for this feature in the near future



Please Note that while importing the files, an error may occur if you do not follow the correct format.

Attached below is an excel file with the correct format of questions to be imported.