When to use the Insert feature

It's often useful to be able to insert the questions from one form into another form. This allows you to keep certain forms as templates and insert as needed.  For example, you might have a form that consists of questions regarding smoking.  Whenever you are designing another form and you want to ask questions about smoking, you can insert the first form into the new one.

Another good use for form insert is just when you have many similar questions (perhaps questions that all have the same long list of options) and instead of manually recreating each question, you can create the question once and save it as it's own form -- and then insert that form as many times as you need to.

To insert one form into another

1 - Open the destination form to the Design tab.

2 - On the top of the screen, select the Insert option from the form menu

 This will pop up a window showing you a list of forms that are available in your dashboard. 


3 - Select a form in the list that appears

When you select a single form, all its questions will be listed in the questions preview window.  This will enable you to find the form with the questions that you would like to insert.

4 - Click the Insert button

This will close the dialog box and return you to the destination form.

5 - Move the cursor to the question list, to the position where you would like to insert the questions and click the Insert link

The questions from the source form will be inserted at the point you chose.