What is Magpi Respond

Magpi Respond allows you to easily arrange for text and/or audio messages to be sent to selected recipients based on the characteristics of incoming data.  Messages are created in Magpi Messaging, and then sent by Magpi Respond.  This functionality is available to all Magpi users, including Free users.  And in 2016 we'll be adding the ability to send mobile minutes or money, as well.

The Basics

In order to set up a Respond system, you'll need:

  1. to have a form created to collect the right data
  2. to create the messages that you wish to send out
  3. to use the Respond tab to describe which messages should go out under which circumstances

Example: Reporting a Stockout (Stock Shortage) from a Health Clinic


As an example, suppose that you have a system where supply clerks in various health centers enter daily or weekly supply levels into a Magpi form.  That form might look something like the form below in the Magpi form designer, with a question identifying the clinic, and then the levels of three different stocks:

Note: you can right-click any image to open at full size in a new window.

For each of the three drugs involved (A, B, and C) the responses must be integers, and not less than zero.

Creating the Outgoing Respond Messages

Important: you'll need to create your messages before creating your responses.

Messages in Magpi (whether text, text-to-speech, or recorded audio) are created from the Messaging dashboard.  To learn more about Magpi Messaging, and how to create new messages, check out the Messaging support resources.

For this example, we've already created an SMS message for each of the reporting clinics.  If any of them reports a zero level of a supply (that is, a stockout), the system will text the Supply Manager.  For example:

Clinic1 pharmacy has reported a stockout. Please call their supply clerk at 09-234-09998 to arrange resupply.

Adding Responses to the Form

Once the form is created, you'll need to add the instructions for Magpi to respond to incoming data.  This is by using the new Respond tab:

And below we've created a Respond item in the Respond tab for our form that sends a message to the Supply Manager if Clinic1 reports a stockout:

So now every time Clinic1 reports a stockout of DrugA, the Supply Manager (whose cell number was entered into the Recipient field, above) will receive an automated message by SMS:

Who Can Receive Messages?


The Recipient field can accept 

  • phone numbers (in international format, including the country code) – for sending SMS messages and audio messages
  • email addresses – for sending messages by email
  • groups – groups created on the Contacts page can be used to send text, audio, and or email messages
  • datacollector keyword – if you enter the keyword "datacollector" (one word) in the Recipient field, it will send that message to the phone number of the person who sent that data record.  If the data came in by SMS, the message will go to that respondent's mobile number. If the data came in from the app, it will go out as email to the respondent's email address.

This table shows how different types of recipients will receive messages: