Introduction to Sub-Accounts

Magpi allows Enterprise users to invite other Magpi accounts, of any level, to be "sub-accounts".  The proposed sub-account must accept the invitation before the sub-account relationship is established.  Once it is established, the Enterprise account is considered an "umbrella" account for the sub-account(s) associated with it. Sub-accounts have most of the features of Pro accounts, even if they are basic accounts. This allows an Enterprise account to give more privileges, at no extra cost, to affiliated Magpi accounts.

Once a sub-account relationship is established between an Enterprise account (e.g. Umbrella1) and another account (e.g. FreeAccount1), three things happen:

1 - Umbrella1 can see all the forms created by FreeAccount1

  • All forms in the sub-account are automatically shared with the Enterprise account with dataManager role (which allows the Enterprise account to view, but not edit, form questions and to view and edit form data).
  • If the sub-account wishes to give greater or lesser privileges to the Enterprise umbrella account, it can do so on a form-by-form basis, in the Sharing tab

2 - FreeAccount1 will use upload and message credits from Umbrella1

  • When the sub-account collects data or sends messages, this will be counted against the credit balance of the Enterprise umbrella account

FreeAccount1 is NOT a Sub-Account
to Umbrella1

FreeAccount1 IS a Sub-Account

to Umbrella1 

FreeAccount1 creates
new FormA

Umbrella1 cannot see FormA

unless FreeAccount1 chooses

to share it.

FormA is auto-shared

with Umbrella1 account.

FreeAccount1 collects
data with FormA

Umbrella1 cannot see data

for FormA unless FreeAccount1

chooses to share it.

Upload credits are deducted

from FreeAccount1 account

Umbrella1 sees all data for FormA

(because it was automatically shared)

Upload credits are deducted

from Umbrella1 account

3 - Umbrella1 can tag forms as "example", in which case they will automatically appear in the dashboard for FreeAccount1

4 - FreeAccount1 can share forms by SMS (either structured or interactive) without any intervention by Umbrella1.   Credits used for this process will be deducted from Umbrella1 account.

How Does an Enterprise Account Add a Sub-Account

This is done from the Contacts page once the Enterprise user has logged in and it will result in the invited sub-accounts receiving an invitation email.  If they do not accept the invitation, the sub-account relationship will not be established.

Add Single Sub-Account with Additional Information

If the Enterprise account wants to add a single sub-account, and would like to include additional information (like first name or mobile number), it can click the New button at the top of the contact list.  A blank contact form will open, including a checkbox for "Sub Account". By checking that checkbox, a sub-account invitation will be sent to that contact, which will need to accept the invitation in order to become a sub-account. Press Save.


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