What Can I Do With Magpi and Zapier?

Zapier is an online “connector” that lets you instantly integrate Magpi with hundreds of other online apps (like Salesforce and Google Docs) – without having to hire programmers. No technical skills are required at all: you just follow a few simple steps.

With Zapier's simple approach, Magpi Enterprise users can easily connect to all kinds of different online tools, from Google Sheets and email, SMS and Salesforce, PayPal, Dropbox and Hubspot, and more.  This allows you to automatically backup or export your data, and to do many other things: trigger SMS messages, create calendar events, send a tweet, post to Facebook, update a Salesforce account, and much more.  All without programming ("no-code").

How Does it Work?

Using a simple interface at Zapier, a Magpi Enterprise user decides which Magpi “triggers” will produce an action at Zapier.  This combination of a trigger and an action, which creates an integration between one app and another,  is called a “Zap”.

A typical zap could be that every time Magpi data is submitted, Zapier copies that data into Google Sheets (the Google version of Excel):

Here are some more examples:

Build Sophisticated Workflows Easily

Because Zapier allows you to chain your zaps together, or trigger multiple zaps from one trigger, you can build very sophisticated integrations really easily.  

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