If you are a Magpi Enterprise user, you have the option of using the Zapier web integration tool to connect Magpi with almost any web application, including Salesforce, Twitter, SQLServer, Google Sheets, etc (for a general introduction, look here). 

To start with Zapier and Magpi:

  1. go to www.zapier.com and create an account
  2. go to the Magpi page on Zapier to see common Magpi integrations (e.g. with Google Sheets)
  3. click on the integration you'd like to create (or click Make a Zap at the top of the page to create your own, new integration)

Following those steps will lead you through a series of screens and help you build your integration. Usually the first step will be connecting your Magpi account:

Note that you will need to enter your Magpi username, not your Magpi email address (click here to learn more about Magpi usernames).

You will also need to generate an API Access Token.  Click here to learn more about API Access Tokens.

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