If you are creating forms that you intend to deploy as iSMS (interactive SMS), rather than using a mobile app, there are two approaches you can use for testing:

1 - test by sending to a real phone 

2 - test by using the built-in iSMS emulator software

Issues with Using the Emulator: Cost and Accuracy

Both methods are useful, although the messages sent from Magpi to a real phone will reduce your messaging credits.  Using the emulator will not. In many countries, this is not a significant expense for testing (message credits are only $0.01 each).

Note that using a real phone is the only way to be absolutely sure of the behavior of your iSMS session (there is always a possibility of a discrepancy between the way the emulator works and a "real" phone). So if possible, test using your phone.

To use the emulator, create your iSMS form in the form designer.  Below is a short sample form:

Once you've saved the form, click the Share tab, and then the Interactive SMS sub-tab.  The screen should look something like this:

In order to emulate the iSMS session, enter a phone number in the box on the right, check "emulated iSMS session(s)", and then click "initiate iSMS Sharing" button.

Once you've done that, your phone number should appear in the left hand list. Now you can click the "Open Emulator" link to open the emulator in a new browser window.

Once you are looking at the emulator window, to initiate the session just enter your phone number (the one you entered above) and hit the Tab key.  The first question of your iSMS will appear, and you can work your way through the form:

Note that when you have started this emulation session, your questions will not be sent to the actual number on your phone. Only to the emulator session. Only one session is given to the number at a time. 

IF you want to test the actual GSM number on your device, ensure that 

  • You have completed the emulation session, 
  • Then re-initiate the session without emulation.