Magpi Pro and Enterprise users are able to view customizable reports in their form Analysis tab.  They can also edit those reports, using the Reports dashboard. You can read about Magpi Reports here, or watch an intro video here.

There are two ways to share a Magpi report, depending on whether you want someone to just view a report, or to edit the report:

A - share by URL (view only) – in this case, you just want someone to be able to view, but not edit, a Magpi report and you can just provide them with the URL.  Here is the URL for the Magpi Sample Report:

B - share by email (edit) – if you would like to share a Magpi report with another Magpi user so that they can edit that report, the procedure is very similar to sharing a Magpi form for data collection.  You will need to go to the Magpi Reports dashboard (by clicking on Reports in the top menu (to the right of Messaging), then select the report you wish to share, open it:

  1. Click on the Share tab
  2. Enter the Magpi user email address of the person you want to share it with in the box
  3. Note that when you share a report, the user you share with will have dataManager privileges for any form used in that report (read more about Magpi privileges here)
  4. Click the "Send Invitation" button
  5. At this point, the email you shared with should appear in the authorized list.  The person you shared with will receive an email notification, and the shared report will now appear on their Reports dashboard (any forms used in that report will also appear on their forms dashboard).

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