In situations where you are working with large forms and, you may find it easier to import questions from your excel document than to type them into Magpi. 

Creating the Excel File

To use the feature, you must follow a very specific format.

Of importance to consider is that similar to form design, the variable specifications must follow the same exact format as the variable name online

Each Magpi question has these characteristics

  1. Question name (Also known as Data Field name)
  2. Question type
  3. Question prompt

If I want for example, to create a form with the following questions 


My excel file should display each of these variables, specifying their Prompts and question types: 

Keep in mind that for import to be successful, your excel file must be named as the one above where 

1-All question types must be in small letters

2-The name, type and prompt must begin in capital letter

3-The name must not contain any spaces. For example if the variable name is 'Marital Status' , then you must insert an underscore: 'Marital_Status'

You can import your questions to either a new form or an existing form. If  you do not have an existing form, create a new form by going to 'New'  on your forms dashboard. A new form will be created in Design page like in the image below. Rename your form and you can start importing your questions.

Importing Your Excel File with Questions

To import questions, Select the 'Import questions' link at the top right of your Design view.

A dialog box will pop up asking you to select the form you would like to import.

You will then select your excel form from the location you have saved it then import to your form design Page. 

For your multiple choice questions, all options will be added separately. To add them , expand each multiple choice question and use the import feature. Please find attached options applicable to the multiple choice questions above. See how to import options for multiple choice questions here . 


Special Note:

Due to some development standards, .xls files (from MSOffice 2004 or before) may not be uploaded. If you do not have MS Excel beyond 2004, download LibreOffice on your computer, open your .xls file using LibreOffice and save the file as .xlsx. 

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