Magpi Reports allows users to create fully-customizable live web reports and dashboards showing their data (intro video & reports guide).  These reports can be password-protected, embedded in other websites, printed, shared, and can include embeddable elements from other web tools.

Different Reports functions are available at different subscription levels:

Sample Report and Shared Reports – All Users

All Magpi users can access an included sample report in order to learn about the functionality, but may not create any reports from their data.  All Magpi users can also access any reports that have been shared with them by other users.

Automatic Reports - Pro and Enterprise Users

Pro and Enterprise users will find an automatically-generated report for each of their forms that has data in it.  These automatic reports are fully-customizable by the user: elements can be deleted, edited, or added according to preference.

Extra Reports - Enterprise Users

Enterprise users are additionally able to create an unlimited number of extra reports, in addition to the automatically-generated reports. Enterprise users can also combine the data from more than one form in a single report.