If you are using Magpi's image question to collect photo data in the field, you may have noticed that:

- when you view the data in Magpi online, you are able to click a link to view each image

- when you download the data into Excel or other format, the image URL is downloaded, but not the actual image

If you wish to download all images, there are several ways  to do it, but we think this is the easiest:

1 - Download your data file in Excel format.  You will have a file that looks something like this (click to enlarge any image):

2 - Import the file into Google Sheets (Google's version of a spreadsheet program). 

3 - Create a column to the right of the data column holding the image URL, and use the image() function to automatically pull each image from its URL in the adjacent column:

4 - The result will be that each image() statement will fill that cell with the image from the URL:

Note: if you wish to perform the same operation only using Microsoft Excel installed locally on a laptop or desktop, the free Excel Image Assistant utility program has been recommended to us:

We have not tested this program, however, and only mention it as a courtesy to our users.