Here are some basic steps you are required to follow when using Magpi's Mobile app-based form of data entry.

Step 1: Have a registered Magpi account. To register a new account, follow this link

Step 2: If you are starting up and have no forms in your account, you can start by creating a simple survey on Magpi website's design page. In some cases you might have a form already shared with you which is ready to work with.

Step 3: Download the mobile app. Users can download this from the Google Play Store or the App store for iOS users

Step 4: Log in to the mobile app with the same credentials you registered on Magpi's website with. As you are logging in, always make sure to leave the 'keep me logged in' function on.This keeps you logged in even when you are no longer in reach of a good internet connection, so you wont have to worry about logged in again. It is activated by default. 


After log in, all forms owned or shared with you will be downloaded. 

Step 5: Select desired form. When the form's options are displayed select the 'Add Data' option and start taking records.


Step 6: You want to upload your data when you are done taking records. Make your work easier by turning on the automatic upload feature on your App's settings screen. Your data will always be uploaded automatically as long as you are within a working internet connection. 




Step 7: Verify that your data is uploaded by accessing the form's database on Magpi website's Data View. 

And you're all set!

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