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Collecting data in the field using our mobile apps

Please read our Quick Start Guide, which touches on critical points for success in mobile data collection, including making sure to:

  1. Test your forms – NEVER go to the field without extensively testing your form WELL IN ADVANCE of your field activity

  2. Choose capable hardware and test it – NEVER go to the field without testing your form on the same kind of device that will be used in the field, WELL IN ADVANCE of your field activity. Longer forms require more memory, which usually means a more expensive phone. We recommend that you purchase a device with at least 1GB RAM, at least 16GB of storage, and that is at least capable of 3G data speeds (longer, more complex forms will require more RAM). WE DO NOT SUPPORT RUNNING MAGPI APPS ON ANY DEVICES THAT DO NOT MEET THESE SPECIFICATIONS (but Magpi SMS & IVR, below, work on any phone).

  3. Don't share passwords – Like almost every computer system, Magpi is designed so that each user logs in with their own, unique userid and password. Sharing userids/passwords can often lead to problems like deleted or changed forms – and no one knows who did it because everyone is using the same identification to log in.

  4. Backup your data – You should always backup your data, whether automatically (for Enterprise users) or manually by exporting a data file to txt or xlsx.

You can also watch our intro video.

Collecting data using SMS

Magpi provides two distinct ways to collect data using SMS from any mobile phone:

  • structured SMS – with structured SMS, all answers on a form are sent in one, single SMS message. This is best for simple data.

  • interactive SMS (iSMS) – iSMS allows collection of complex data from the field in a series of back-and-forth SMS messages that can include skip logic and range checks.

For more information, please read our Introduction to SMS Data Collection with Magpi and watch the intro video.

Collecting data using voice!

Magpi has released a new IVR (interactive voice response) system, as of August 2016, to allow you to collect data from any phone using voice! Read more.

Sending broadcast SMS and/or audio messages

Magpi provides the ability to send timed SMS and/or audio messages, in any language, according to simple or complex schedules. Click here for resources to help you get started.

Connecting your Magpi data to other systems using Zapier

Zapier is an inexpensive online tool that enables Magpi Enterprise users to automatically flow data into or out of Magpi, without programming. For example, you can easily have your Magpi data copied to a Google Sheet, or to a MySQL database. Or you can trigger messages, reminders, emails, and other events, depending on the content of your Magpi data. Read more.

Creating reports and visualizing your data with Magpi

Magpi now allows you to create live online reports that can combine Magpi data along with data from other web applications (like Salesforce or Google). Read more about Magpi Reportsview a sample, or watch our introductory video.

Case Studies

Learn more about the amazing things that other Magpi users are doing in global health, conservation, industry, human rights, and more:

Still need more information? Please check out our Magpi Support site or Resource Library or request a demo. And thanks again for using Magpi!


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