Have you thought of taking GPS coordinates without having an actual GPS question? Well, you can record a location's coordinates each time a record is taken using the GPS stamp property.  

Differences between GPS and GPS Stamp

GPS Question         GPS Stamp
GPS question is created in the 'Form Design View' as an actual question. 

GPS Stamp is not a visible question, but a parameter that is activated in the form’s properties view

In the GPS question, coordinates are acquired at the point where the user selects ‘Capture GPS’

GPS stamping is not visible to the eye: it works in the background, and is aqcuired at the point where a user starts a record, and works in the background as the user is taking a record

How do I enable GPS stamping

To enable GPS stamp: 

  1. Open your form 
  2. Go to the properties page 
  3. Select the GPS stamp checkbox to enable the property
  4. Save property

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