It’s quite easy to move Magpi data automatically into other databases.  In some cases this can be done with no programming at all.  Here are your options, from least expensive to most expensive:

  1. use Magpi data utility – Magpi has a utility program that can be installed on a desktop or laptop computer. the data utility interacts with Magpi’s web application to automatically copy new data for Magpi forms into an Excel sheet on the desktop or laptop.  Read more.
  2. use Zapier (requires Zapier account) – Zapier is a very inexpensive web utility program that allows non-programmers to create connections between Magpi and other software (including Salesforce, Google Sheets, Office365, Zoho, SQLServer, etc).  Very quick to set up, inexpensive to operate. Read more at Zapier and at Magpi Support.
  3. program API connection (requires programmer) – Magpi has an outbound API, which allows a programmer to create a connection to another piece of software. Read more.

Each method requires a Magpi Enterprise account, which provides access to our API.  Every Magpi account, however, can manually export data in Excel or text format (read more).

table showing 3 methods of automatically exporting data