Dynamic messaging is ideal when sending:

  • A single targeted to multiple contacts at a targeted time
  • Multiple Messages to a single Contact at a targeted time
  • Multiple messages targeted to multiple contacts at a targeted time

To simplify this, messages and tags are specified in tags and group to make it easier to search and send messages dynamically to contacts groups.

Dynamic messaging Requirements

Message are saved by tags
  • This is useful as dynamic messages can only be sent if they are tagged.
  •  To add a tag to a message, open to edit the message then add a tag in the 'tag' text box and save

Contacts are saved in Groups
  • You can add your contact to a group by editing the contact from the contact database. 
  • Go to the groups text box, add a group name and use the 'tab' or 'space' key to create the group.
  • Save the contact to effect the group.

How to send a dynamic message

Step 1: Go to the Dynamic Messaging tab

Step 2: Search the message by tag and Select the message 


Step 3: Search Contact by it's group and select the contact

Step 4: After selecting the Message(s) and contact(s), navigate to the Dynamic messaging tab, key in your Message timing and select 'Send'

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