There are 4 states indicated when initiating an iSMS session. These are:

  • Awaiting 
  • Dormant 
  • Deactivated 
  • Session Completed

Here is a brief look at all the states and how they might help you troubleshoot if there is a problem in receiving messages on the shared number. 

1- Awaiting - Means that the message has been initiated from the server, and the server is awaiting a response from the shared number
2- Dormant - means the session is in a pending state. 

  • This could occur when the number is already in another session - during this state, as soon as the current session is complete the form that has just been initiated will immediately begin it's schedule and the state will change to 'Waiting'. 
  • Sometimes the dormant state is indicated when the number has failed to receive the message. When this happens, remove the number from session and re-initiate session with the number.

3- Session Completed - This occurs when the session has successfully been completed.

4- Deactivated - This state occurs when a number was exited from a form's session. 

  • This can either occur when the number sends the word 'Exit' to exit from session, or 
  • When the state has been dormant for too long and the session is timed out. 

Please note: If your session state shows 'Dormant' for too long, please check if there might be an issue with the SIM card receiving messages. You can troubleshoot this by:

  • Checking if your device's GSM signal is fine. It it does not show any bars, restart the phone and confirm that the signal bars are indicated, then test by calling the number.
  • Test by sending a text to the number. If there is an issue, consult your SIM card carriers's customer service.