You  might want to create a logic that only allows a user to answer questions regarding to a certain category and immediately end the survey, hiding all the irrelevant sections.

For example: You have a form that only ask for one category of movie, and when the category is selected, questions regarding it would be asked and the user would reach the end of the survey. 

Step 1: Enter a Skip Logic (If category is selected, display sections related to the category)

You would want that if a user selected the category 'Animation' for example,  questions related to the category should display, and on completing the section, you want to hide sections related to other categories and end the survey.

First you would enter the logic on the category question to skip to the various sections of the form, as in the image below.

Step 2: Complex logic (If sections related to the category are answered, skip to the end of survey) 

Please note that if once the 'Animation' section is displayed, when you swipe on to the next page, the 'thriller' section would be displayed, which isn't ideal as the user filled out their category. To hide the thriller section and any other sections, you would go the question just before the thriller section, and insert a logic saying, if the category 'Animation' was selected, skip to the end of the survey.

This will hide all sections unrelated to the Animation category. You would then apply the same logic to the other three categories on the question just before the section that follows.

Working with the if 'OR' and  'AND' condition

Example: You want to take a survey on women with children and would like to take info