Here are a few things to keep in mind about logic In Magpi plus:

  1. Logic is only supported in single select questions (Radio/dropdown questions). This means that logic is not supported in checkbox questions.
  2. Only one option in a single select question can be evaluated. 
  3. Complex logic is not supported (accessed via the Logic button).

What does it mean to say "Only one answer option can be evaluated"?

In the current Magpi set up, you can evaluate more than one option in the "jump to" section. Meaning, for example,

If you asked the question: "What is your favorite fruit?" , You can have each fruit option skip to it's associated question


In Magpi plus however, this logic may not work. You can only evaluate one option in this question. In the example above, this is how the logic would work.

If you entered more than one option in the "jump to" section, the logic would not work. We are however, still in the process of developing this logic, and intend to have it evaluate more options in the near future. 

Complex logic is not supported

Logic that is entered from the logic window can only be tested in our legacy version of the app, currently on play store/App store, as it is not yet implemented in Magpi(+). Below is an example of complex logic, which is not supported in Magpi (+).