What Are Tags

Magpi content — including mobile data collection forms, reports, and messages — can be "tagged" for better organization.  This means to apply a keyword, or keywords, to the content.  Tagging is a way of categorization that lets you find your content more easily, and organize it.  Tagging can help you filter a long list of forms, for example, to just the ones matching a particularly topic, or country.

Tagging becomes more useful the more content that you have.

You can see the tags for any piece of content in the list of that content: the form list, report list, or message list.  For example, here we see a form called "abcd1234" tagged with "wash", "tanzania" and "moh":

Tags are similar to the idea of folders — but any item can only be in a single folder at once.  For example, a form about "checklist" and "vaccination" could only be in either the checklist folder or the vaccination folder.  With tags, you can apply as many tags as you want to any piece of content: you can tag that form as both "checklist" and "vaccination" and later search for either or both.

As an example of organizing by tag, you could adopt a system where you apply three tags to each form: one representing the country of the activity, one representing the partner organization (if any) and one representing the subject.  If you were doing a WASH project in Tanzania with the Ministry of Health, the tags would be Tanzania, MOH, and WASH.

How to Use Tags

Tags can be used with the search function on your form and other dashboards to filter what you see. For example, if you have tagged all your water-and-sanitation-related forms with the tag "wash", you can enter "wash" in the search box and hit return.  At that point, you will only see your "wash" forms in the form list: forms that are tagged with "wash" or that have "wash" in the form name or the form owner email address.   This filter will stay in place until you clear the search box or replace the search term — even after you log out and log in again.

This is a great way to limit your form list to only the forms that are important at the moment.

How to Apply Tags

Forms and Reports

Tags are added in the Properties tab of any form or report.

After applying tags in this way, you'll see that they are listed on the dashboard for your form (or report). When you search within forms (or reports) tags are included in the search.


Tags are added when editing any message.