Magpi Enterprise users can invite other Magpi users to be their "subaccounts".  This has many benefits, including that all subaccounts' use of credits is drawn from the Enterprise account — enabling centralized billing.  Read more about subaccounts.

In order to better manage subaccounts, Enterprise users can view their Subaccount Dashboard, by logging into the Magpi web application, then clicking Contacts, then Subaccounts. The resulting screen will display on the left a list of all subaccounts.  Clicking on a specific subaccount will display a graph and a table of the upload credits and messaging credits used by that subaccount (and the table can be exported).

Note that the recording of this information began in January 2018, and so the display will only count the use of credits moving forward from that time.

As an example, in the image below subaccount is seen to have used 5 upload credits (from the "umbrella" Enterprise account, smstrial) in January and 3 in February.