Create Action:

  1. Go into your Zapier workspace and select 'Make a zap'  
  2. Name your zap
  3. Search for Magpi and select your trigger app ' Magpi' 
  4. Select update record
  5. In the next step, it is best to test your zap api link. if you have not linked your zap yet, please select 'Reconnect' then test again to confirm it. Skip this step if you're successful
  6. Select your form
  7. Pull in a sample from the form
  8. In the next action: Select google sheets (For googlesheets sync)

  9. Select 'Create Spreadsheet Row' and continue
  10. Connect your google account if not connected
  11. Now set up your google sheet template.  (Before you proceed, ensure you have a template in google sheets. If you don't export a single record from your form and import it to your google sheet. Make sure the name of the form in google sheets is exactly as in Magpi)
  12. Select the spread sheet with sample data.
  13. Populate all field and you may test the template
  14. Turn the zap on


Update action:

  1. Before creating the update action, you must make sure that you have the 'Create' action.
  2. Repeat steps 1-8 in the create action above
  3. Select 'Update Spreadsheet Row' and continue
  4. Repeat step 10-13.  While populating the template at this point, in the row section, select 'Add a search step' and select 'Got it'
  5. Another step will be created. Repeat step 12-13.  While populating the template, select a look up column. In my case I selected 'REcord uuid' and populated the look up value
  6. Select 'Fetch and continue'
  7. Now Select continue.
  8. Another google sheet step will be created for you to populate. 
  9. Populate fields by selecting 'update' first, then the value for the column you're selecting.
  10. Select continue
  11. Finish.
  12. Turn on your Zap.