Magpi's Publish feature allows users with a Google or Microsoft online account to easily push the collected data from a form to a Google Sheet or an online Excel sheet, without programming. The process is very simple and takes only a minute or so.

First: Connect Your Google and/or Microsoft Account

You can connect your account to Magpi by going to your Magpi profile page (click your username in the upper right corner, then select Profile from the menu) and following the instructions there.

Second: Publish Your Form Data

1 - Open the form you want to publish and go to the Data tab, then click the Publish button. That will open up the Publish dialog, as shown below.

If you have connected your Google and/or Microsoft account, the Workbook list will show you the available workbooks in those accounts.  If you do not see anything in the list, either (1) you have not yet connected Magpi to your Google/Microsoft account, or (2) you do not have any workbooks (i.e. Google Sheets or Excel worksheets) in those accounts.

2 - Select a workbook in the Workbooks list, then select a Sheet (i.e. a tab) in the Sheets list.

3 - select "one time" if you just want to push the form's current data once, or "live" if you want the external spreadsheet to be refreshed daily with the latest data from the form.

4 - click Publish. That's it!