The Magpi API Data Utility allows Enterprise users to automatically download data from the Magpi server and back it up as an Excel file on a desktop or laptop. Just follow these steps:

1. Download and install the latest version of Java here.

2.  Download, unzip, and open the MagpiDataUtility.jar file here.

3. Log into your Magpi account at and click your username at the top-right of the page. Then click the API tab.  On the API tab, click the button labeled "Generate new access token" as in this image:

4. Launch the MagpiDataUtility jar file and enter your Magpi username (note: enter username NOT EMAIL ADDRESS, even though it says "User email") and access token created in step 3. Check the Keep me logged on box.

5. Click Add New

6. Choose a Form from the drop-down menu and select the Activity, Interval, and Format.

7. Click Save.

Your automated activity will now show in the Magpi Data Utility window, and the automated activity will run at the specified interval.  If you choose "Copy new and append" the system will create an excel file the first time it runs, and then on subsequent runs it will copy any new data and add it to the existing excel file on your hard drive. Click View File or Open Folder from within the data utility to see downloaded data.