Skip Logic Example

Here is a sample of a form with skip logic built into question 2 (Q2):

     1. This form demonstrates skip logic

     2. If answer is Yes, skips to the end. If answer is No [or if the question is left blank], goes to next question

     - Yes [jump to question 6]

     - No

     3. Another radio button question [no skip logic here]

     - Good

     - Bad

4. Test question

5. Integer question

6. That's the end.

And here is how the same form looks in the design section of Magpi (you can click the image to enlarge it):

This skip patterns means:

1 - if "Yes" is selected: hide or disable all the questions between Q2 and Q6 

2 - if no selection is made:  hide or disable all the questions between Q2 and Q6 (that is, wait until Q2 has been answered to see if you should show Q3, Q4, and Q5)

3 - if "No" is selected: show Q3, Q4, and Q5.

This is an important difference between Magpi and Magpi+:

  • in Magpi, skipped questions are shown by default
  • in Magpi+ (Magpi Plus), skipped questions are hidden or disabled by default (see below)

Two Ways to Show Skip Logic on Your Mobile Device

Magpi Plus has two different ways to show skip logic on your phone or tablet:

  1. Hide Skipped — this hides any skipped questions
  2. Show Skipped — this shows, but disables, the skipped questions

Hiding skipped questions (option #1) is selected in your mobile device Magpi+ settings by default:

Screen appearance when skipped questions are hidden 

Screen appearance when skipped questions are shown (but disabled)

Learn more about Magpi Plus.