Magpi offers two types of "select one option" multiple choice question: "radio button" and "dropdown" (if you want the user to be able to select many options, use a checkbox question).  These two question types display differently in the classic Magpi app and the new Magpi Plus app.

In general, the benefit of "dropdown" is that it can hide a long list of options until you are looking at that particular question. Below we've listed some simple rules, and also some examples showing the difference between using radio buttons or dropdown for long lists of multiple choice options.

Rules of Thumb

  1. for a short list of options (less than 6) use radio buttons

  2. for a long list of options in Magpi Plus use dropdown

  3. for a long list of options in Magpi Classic use radio buttons

Showing a Long List of Options in Magpi Plus

Magpi Plus shows all questions in a long scrolling list, so a long list of radio button options pushes other questions down off the screen. To make it easier for the data collector to see more of the form at once, we recommend using dropdown questions for long lists like this.

Showing a Long List of Options in Magpi Classic

Magpi Classic shows one question on the screen at a time, so it doesn't really matter that the radio button options cover the screen.

Learn more about Magpi Plus.