Form list elements

search box — by typing something into the search box at the top of the screen, you filter the form list to show only forms with names that match the search term.

settings icon — in the top left of the screen is the menu icon for the settings screen (it looks like 3 stacked lines).  You can also view settings by swiping from just off the left side of the screen to the right.

icons — Magpi uses a red circle icon to indicate that at least one data record for a particular form is invalid: this means the data record has invalid data (e.g. a number outside the specified numeric range, or that it has required questions which have not been answered.  Invalid records won't be uploaded until the problem is corrected.  Magpi uses a green circle icon with a checkmark to show that all data for that form has been uploaded. See example below.

record count — Any form with data will indicate how many total data records have been collected for that form, and how many (if any) have not yet been synced.  If data has not been synced, there are two possible causes:

  1. the phone has been offline, so cannot upload
  2. at least one of the data records is invalid, which means that it has at least one invalid answer to a question:
    • it may have a required question that has not been answered, and/or
    • it may have an invalid answer to a question: a number that is outside a specified range, etc

The user would need to go into the form data to see which records may be invalid.  Tapping to go into an invalid record will show an error message next to all invalid questions.

Form list example

In the form list shown below, the user has typed "Main" into the search bar, so the list is only showing forms that have the word "Main" in their names (this is not case-sensitive).  Three forms are listed:

  • commodity_main — this form has no data collected yet
  • main1 — this form has five total data records collected, but one has been unsynced.  The red circle icon tells us that the unsynced data record is not valid, and must be fixed before it can be uploaded (so this is not just a situation where the phone has been disconnected from the network)
  • mainform123 — this form has one data record, and that record has been synced to the server

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