Backing Up

Best practice for any activity involving data includes a regular system of backups.  This can be as simple as reminding yourself to manually download a copy of your data to Excel once a week, or automatically copying your data to a Google Sheet or some other repository. 

All Magpi users can download/export data manually. Learn more.

Magpi Enterprise users can automatically download data to a local Excel file on their computer, or by using external tools like Zapier they can automatically copy data to any other online program.  They also have the option of using the Magpi API to custom-code a software solution to meet their needs. Learn more.

Beginning in the fall of 2020, Magpi Pro and Enterprise users can also sync their data to Google Sheets or online Excel with no programming involved.

Restoring Forms and Data

The Magpi system is automatically backed up as a whole many times a day. This backup is to allow us to restore the entire Magpi system in the event of some kind of crash of the entire system. 

If a user mistakenly deletes a form (despite the warning and confirmation required), and that user does not have any backup, it is usually possible to pull a user's deleted form and data from that system-wide backup, but the user is required to pay for the time involved (typically 10-15 hours at $125/hour).  Also, this must be completed within 7 days, as the system backups are overwritten every 7 days.